Solar System 2.0 desktop wallpapers HD

Wednesday, 4. March 2015 15:51 | Author:

I took some stills from the new Solar System 2.0 video to use as desktop background. Resolution is 1920×1080 pixels.
You can also download all 12 HD wallpapers in a single zip file.

(right-click -> save target as..)













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Solar System 2.0 (new animation)

Wednesday, 4. March 2015 11:46 | Author:

Solar System 2.0 – the helical model. A trip through the Galaxy, showing relative movement, the angle between our Solar System and the Milky Way.
Music, animation & editing by DjSadhu.

Sound Track

The music from the video is available on BandCamp and Google Play.

* Share, embed, link, but don’t re-upload the video. All rights reserved. *

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J-Merkabah & DjSadhu – Holy War

Thursday, 19. February 2015 15:56 | Author:

From the upcoming album “Geometry Wars”.

“Holy War” is a song that shows two extreme points of view in a long lasting conflict in the Middle East, that already has taken thousands of lives.
We do NOT support or endorse either of the viewpoints illustrated in the song, but would have you take a look into the different mind sets for a moment. How come people are willing to kill each other?
Fortunately there are plenty of good Israeli folks who do not support the massacre of Palestinians, as there are many Palestinians who do not support the actions of Hamas.
The real casualties are the civilians on both sides.

++ May peace be with you all some day ++

Lyrics & rap: J-Merkabah –
Music, cuts, animation & editing: DjSadhu –
Additional camera: Fernando M, Edgar N.
More background info about the video will be on

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Walking on a bicycle

Sunday, 15. February 2015 13:08 | Author:

Walking 5 kilometers on this bike will get you as far as 20 kilometers!

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New beat: Evasive

Monday, 9. February 2015 0:43 | Author:

Latest scribble:

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Edgar Mitchell: Apollo 14 Astronaut Testifies To Extraterrestrial Visitations

Friday, 6. February 2015 15:55 | Author:

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As strong as titanium – but much cheaper

Friday, 6. February 2015 15:34 | Author:

Brittle intermetallic compound makes ultrastrong low-density steel with large ductility

Scientists at the Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea have published a study in which a new alloy that is described as strong and light as titanium , but costs only one-tenth.

The alloy, as described in a study published in Nature, is composed of iron and aluminum, to which nickel has been added as an additional ingredient . This creates a so-called intermettalic B2, in which the metallic nickel reacts with aluminum and at the nanoscale B2-crystals are formed. These crystals would make the alloy much less brittle and therefore extra strong, while due to the presence of aluminum of the material is still light.

According to Korean scientists is the new alloy as strong as titanium , while the weight is comparable . However, the material should cost, if produced on a large scale, a factor of ten lower than the relatively expensive titanium.

Originally published by Nature

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