Album ‘Beyond’ soon on Bandcamp

album Beyond soon on BandcampI’m very proud to announce my new full instrumental album: Beyond.

A 14-track journey across genres, with a unique blend of symphonic, classical music, hip hop and trip hop.

With the ‘seriousness’ that most of my music has, but this time more EPIC than ever.

Pre-orders start asap on my Bandcamp page.

You can already preview the album on Soundcloud here.

Album ‘Threshold’ out on Bandcamp

My latest 16-track instrumental album is available on Bandcamp. Based on real-life events, true emotions, and created with a blend of hip hop, ambient, electronic and classical music. The album that will let you escape for a while.

Get it here:


Immortality (music video)

Half of what I do is audio. The other half is video. Here’s “Immortality”, but now at 100%. From the album “Beats in Minor“.


Gotta give SundaySampleCrunch credit, for challenging me every week with great samples:

“Beats in Minor” out now

I’m proud to present my brand new album, containing the 18 best instrumentals I made this year. So far.
Instead of just classic hip hop beats, I included lots of easy listening, ambient-like and electronic music.

You can get it from BandCamp, or from Google Play