The Space Between Thoughts (music video)

New track, new music video!! ❀️?? “The Space Between Thoughts”
Take 5 minutes to not think, and just drift away with sunlight and falling leaves.

The Space Between Thoughts (chillout music)
Watch this video on YouTube.

I created the video again with the Unreal Engine, this thing is insane. Renders the final video in under 2 hours. The Youtube conversion does not do justice to the level of detail in the video. 

And for the keen observer: this is my first track title in over 8 years that consists of more than one word. For 5 albums in a row I used 1 word track titles ?

“Beats in Minor” full album now on Musicoin

Beats in Minor by DjSadhuThe album “Beats in Minor” is now available to listen for FREE up on the MUSICOIN platform.

Musicoin is the next generation music platform. What Bitcoin is for money, Musicoin is for music. All tracks are stored in the block chain, and artists get the highest stream playback rating in the industry, while playback for the public is FREE.Β As an artist, I totally support this idea of independent, decentralized music distribution.

Click below to listen to “Beats in Minor” for free on Musicoin:

01 – Illusions (3:22)
02 – Detour (3:39)
03 – Surface (3:30)
04 – Dark Wars (4:26)
05 – Blur (4:36)
06 – Airflow (3:45)
07 – Time Travel (4:16)
08 – Dust 3:23)
09 – Affair (4:24)
10 – Rising (1:48)
11 – Torrent (1:20)
12 – Chops (2:21)
13 – Unbreakable (3:33)
14 – Strangelands (5:20)
15 – Frozen (3:12)
16 – Storm 2.0 (1:55)
17 – Solar System 2.0 (4:10)
18 – Maybe (2:41)
19 – Immortality – Bonus Track (3:33)

New album 2018 progress report

I’m hoping to finish production and mixing & mastering on the new album anytime soon. Since I do everything myself (including the mastering) the whole process takes quite some time.

After creating tracks, I’m leaving them to mature for a while, which also gives me a certain ‘detachment’ that I need in the next phase: that would be to not focus on individual tracks, but on the album as a whole. What’s it telling, how will the listening experience, and what would a listener come across on the way? The order of the tracks, the mood swings between them, the change in pace and emotional tone are important. They need to ‘glue’ the album together, not just be some nice tracks in a row.Β This is also the production phase where I often rip tracks apart, and partially rebuild them because their context requires it.

Then the last phase is the fine tuning of the audio, the ‘mastering’ process. This requires a ‘clean ear’, so I prefer to not listen to any of the tracks for a little while, to simulate a ‘first impression’ (I know, you can’t, but that’s still the best thing to do).
The mastering process usually involves me getting completely anti-social and locked up for a few weeks, slowly going crazy over tiny details.

During the whole process I’m keeping this Soundcloud list more or less updated: