About DjSadhu

DjSadhu is an independent music producer, video artist, developer and researcher from the Netherlands.
In 25 years he has produced hundreds of instrumental hip-hop tracks, electronic music, triphop, EDM, and symphonic, classical music as well.
The overall tone of his music is serious, dramatic and cinematic.

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Instrumental albums (newest first):

Lost and Found (2020)
The Space Between Thoughts (2019)
NOW (2018)
Origins (2017)
Beyond (2017)
Threshold (2016)
Beats in Minor (2016)
DjSadhu presents Speakerblowers
Classic Beats Vol 3
Classic Beats Vol 2
Classic Beats Vol 1

Animations/videos (newest first):

With All My Heart
The Space Between Thoughts
Solar System 2.0
Holy War
The Collapse
Our Galaxy is a Vortex
Our Solar System is a Vortex

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  1. Hello

    Could you please kindly let me know where you sourced this diagram from? It perfectly illustrates a point I am going to be pushing in a presentation and I would greatly appreciate your consent to use it. Of course the source of the picture will be acknowledged.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    Dorothy Lucks

    Executive Director BSc. MBA. PhD.

    West Perth BC 6872
    Skype: dorothy.lucks Web: http://www.sustain.net.au
    Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dorothy-lucks/13/522/953
    Preparing for

  2. DJ Sadhu nice helical solar system video! May I hire you to 3D line draw a helical-bladed wind turbine design?

    I’ve just applied for a U.S. Provisional Patent, now I want to make my freehand drawing precise, to then have the blades 3D printed.

    What would you charge me to do so? You could just 3D render two different helical blades, that will then be duplicated, or preferrably, you could 3D render my entire design which contains these unique helical blades.

    This will be, I believe, a superior design to the Gorlov-style helical bladed wind turbine. Eventually, 3D printing, modeling and wind tunnel testing will tell all.

    But first things first, and that is to 3D line draw a precision rendering. Once it is 3D drawn, then if you can take it to the next step of 3D printing, all the better.

    Imagine the 3 helical blades now at a different orientation, still twisting though. Then imagine 3 more helical blades INSIDE of these, contra-rotating, with the blades having the same configuration and orientation as the outer. 6 helical blades altogether.

    My US provisional patent drawing will explain all. I will send it to you right away for your consideration. Thank you. Sincerely, Darin Selby

    1. The video description clearly states “do not re-upload”.. despite that some people still do.
      Some do it with ‘good intentions’, some just try to make money off any viral video.
      If you want to share, please do, but respect my work and embed the original video.

  3. May I please use part of your solar system video in part of my presentation at a conference?

    I will be discussing some of the electrical consequences of such helical motions of planets. I have been doing the research for years, calculations with pen & paper, forming such images in my head, thinking all the time, “I wish someone would make an animation of the solar system in motion…sure the orbit sizes cannot all be put on the same scale, but those could be adjusted for the sake of conveying the main points of coiled motion in an electrical conducting medium….” Then I found your animation!

  4. I am really enjoying your creative manifestations, whether it be music or animation. You are super activated and the feeling is strong. Can I please have your permission to use your music in one of my dance classes about the solar system? Thank you for your deep work.

  5. You are an amazing Talent and highly Gifted in so many different Areas.
    We can only Hope for you, to not get lost on the trail you advance into the deep dark Unknown…
    You show, what can be done, when we concentrate well on the subject.
    Best Wishes

  6. Hi, Wonderful work. I am looking for spatial orientation and internal construct of a Nautilus Shell, basically 3d growth spirals. Can you point me in the right direction? Alternatively, would you be interested in the same project? Cheers, Sri.

  7. hi. i am from argentina i need to ask you if i can use your video for a documental that i am making about cristianity? thanks

  8. Dear Djsadhu,

    Do you know by chance the name of the intro song that London Real used in the Dorian Yates docu? I think it was you that made it, but I am not quite sure. I really like that tune.
    Have a good week.

    Best regards,

  9. Hello dear,

    I need to create an animation model for the solar system, quite different from the common models available, for that Allah, the One True God of all knows His creation best.

    I look forward to give you the details.


  10. Dear jdsadhu,

    Your videos on the motion of the solar system through the galaxy are excellent!

    I also study motion. In particular, spiral motion, like yourself.

    Would you be so kind as to email me.

    I’d like to start up a dialogue with you as we may possibly be receiving the same “revelations” from higher dimensions..


  11. Hi brother,

    Ours is a science channel in Malayalam language, which is from Southern India.
    We have just launched our channel and we are on a mission to promote science in this part of the world where the thing is still a taboo.
    As a part of our solar system series, would like to use some portions from your incredible videos.

    We know that many Youtubers had already used it in hundreds of videos.
    Is it okay if we use the video and provide the credits in the description ?

    Kindly let us know about your take in this 🙂
    We can arrange accordingly.

    Our channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/Infinitymalayalam/videos

    1. Hello Nitin! Thanks for reaching out. If you want to use a portion of the video in a video of your own, that is fine. But don’t just copy my video for re-uploading.
      Yes, many hundreds of Youtubers “use” it. But the ones who just re-upload it, often without even asking, will get a copyright claim.
      So to be clear: if you want to make a video of your own that uses some clips of my videos, go ahead.
      But if you want the entire video, then please just embed the original, or link to it.

  12. Moin from the North of Germany
    Your Video about the real Cosmos is genius.
    At the moment we create our new Webpage and we wanna include your Video on the homepage.

    Is it possible, the we can get the video

    love and future world 2.0
    🙏 Naria&Thomas

  13. DjSadhu thank you for your valuable work it’s inspiring. I work with an Elder here in Alaska who’s historical knowledge includes a system of healing that’s similar to your model (2.0 of the solar system) but rather than planets circling the sun, it’s Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of the self circling around a person. Can we use your video in a curriculum that includes this idea? Or can we pay you to 1.for the rights to use it or 2To make a short one with our changes. I just discovered your work today and appreciate your integrity and creativity.

  14. hi there- i am teaching a free class on astrology and would love to use your image or video of how the solar system moves in a spiral. i would credit you and list your website. i am hoping to hear back soon as i teach it tomorrow! :-0 !

    thank you


  15. Hi, I would like to illustrate a conference on-line about primordial energy (I’m a french geobiologist) with a little extract of your solar helicoidal animation. Is-it possible to present this little part with your credentials ? Thanks for answering. Best regards.

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