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About DjSadhu

DjSadhu is a music producer, video artist, developer and researcher from the Netherlands.
In almost 20 years he has produced hundreds of instrumental hip-hop tracks, but recently started focusing on other genres as well.
The overall tone of his music is serious, dramatic and cinematic.



DjSadhu has been working  with JMerk, Drico and AmesEla, numerous tracks with other artists, but is also releasing a stream of instrumental albums:


Youtube music playlist
DjSadhu on Soundcloud
DjSadhu on Musicoin

Instrumental albums (newest first):

NOW (2018)
Origins (2017)
Beyond (2017)
Threshold (2016)
Beats in Minor (2016)
DjSadhu presents Speakerblowers
Classic Beats Vol 3
Classic Beats Vol 2
Classic Beats Vol 1

Animations/videos (newest first):

Solar System 2.0
Holy War
The Collapse
Our Galaxy is a Vortex
Our Solar System is a Vortex