Animations – FAQ

Can I share your videos?

Yes you can, of course! Just as long as you share the original video using the share button, embed code or by posting the link.

Can I copy your animations to my YouTube channel?

No. You can share, embed, link or add the original videos to your play list. Re-uploading or cloning is not permitted.

If you copy my video to your channel and try to monetize it, I will send in an official copyright violation claim.

Can I use your animations for educational purposes?

If you contact me with a request for educational purposes, the answer is almost always yes.
The term “educational” means non-profit, no money involved. Making an informative movie and then selling it is not considered “educational purposes”.
Please contact me first if you plan on using my videos of parts of them.

Can I use your animations for commercial purposes?

Not unless you have contacted me and got my explicit permission. Copying my video to your channel for monetization is considered “commercial purposes”.

Can I use your music for commercial purposes?

The proper way to get music licensed for commercial use is via my beats website:

Can I hire you to do animations for me?

In general: yes. Please contact me for rates and conditions. Among the services I offer are audio & video production, animation and web development.

8 thoughts on “Animations – FAQ”

  1. Hi,

    I really like your video entitled ‘The helical model – our solar system is a vortex ‘.

    Our Shark Wheel uses the same sine wave pattern seen in your video. We’d like to use a 4 second clip of your video to explain sine waves in nature. Looking for your permission, thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I would like permission to embed your fully credited videos:
    into a Keynote presentation for the School of Remembering in Sedona, AZ. The presentation is for the 500 enrolled students and you will be fully credited.

    With Gratitude and Respect,

    Laura Matthias

  3. Hello – I’m in a musical project called “Moonbeeems 432”. We write our own music – and much of it has to do with raising consciousness and being at one with nature. We have a song called “Pixie Dust” which I think would go really well with your vortex video. Our band has not made any money, and we have no intent to sell the video. But I think your video is awesome and combined with our song makes a powerful image. If u send me your email address I can send you a Dropbox link to Pixie Dust. Could we have your permission to use it please? As we get more sophisticated technically, we might want to bAck project your video during live shows too, if also Ok – during Pixie Dust. You can also find us on Facebook as “Moonbeeems 432”. Thanks. Julian

  4. Sir what do you use to create these animations? I am a student and I want to make more such animations. If you can link some tutorials of your software I’d be very thankful. 🙂

  5. Hello,
    I would like to use just about a minute of the following video? “The helical model – our Galaxy is a vortex” I am making a video about various subjects concerning science and would love to use it! I look forward to hearing from you…soon I hope. Thank you for your time and excellent work!

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