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DjSadhu “Enter The Stream” mp3 goodie

The response to my two vortex videos has been overwhelming, and I’d like to thank everyone for their positive feedback, uplifting comments and more material to research.
For everyone who likes the sound track of the Galaxy video: you can now download the original mp3!

By downloading the file you agree to use it for personal (non-commercial) purposes only.

DjSadhu – Enter The Stream.mp3 (5.97 Mb)
(right click -> “save target as…”)

I hope you keep some of that Universal mindset while listening to it. Keep your mind open and your view wide.


djsadhu :I am a musician, producer, web developer, programmer and scholar from the Netherlands. I have been producing hip-hop instrumentals, tracks and video clips for almost 15 years. Together with BurnMark, 3KO, Tripple and other artists we are creating independent hip-hop with a conscious message. You can find our work at For a decade I have been developing websites and done quite some Win32 programming.