Immortality (music video)

Half of what I do is audio. The other half is video. Here’s “Immortality”, but now at 100%. From the album “Beats in Minor“.


Gotta give SundaySampleCrunch credit, for challenging me every week with great samples:

2 thoughts on “Immortality (music video)”

    1. Well there’s several aspects to this story. My “Galaxy is a Vortex” video has a lot of details that have been disputed, mainly by this guy Phil Plait.
      But he kind of ignores the overall point of the videos, which is to show that the old ‘dinner plate model’ (that lead many people to picture our solar system as a stationary object) is incomplete (or, as I boldly stated in my first video, ‘wrong’). So I decided to make another video (“Solar System 2.0”) that focuses on the helical motion only.

      There’s also this more open-minded astrophysicist Rhys Taylor, who acknowledges that there is indeed a real point being made here. He modeled the ‘correct’ motion of our solar system over time, and agreed that “this helical path business is legit” and “that our educational system has failed”.
      You can read my thoughts on the matter here.

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