J-Merkabah & DjSadhu – Holy War

From the upcoming album “Geometry Wars”.

“Holy War” is a song that shows two extreme points of view in a long lasting conflict in the Middle East, that already has taken thousands of lives.
We do NOT support or endorse either of the viewpoints illustrated in the song, but would have you take a look into the different mind sets for a moment. How come people are willing to kill each other?
Fortunately there are plenty of good Israeli folks who do not support the massacre of Palestinians, as there are many Palestinians who do not support the actions of Hamas.
The real casualties are the civilians on both sides.

++ May peace be with you all some day ++

Lyrics & rap: J-Merkabah – https://www.facebook.com/floodtheblock
Music, cuts, animation & editing: DjSadhu – https://www.facebook.com/djsadhubeats
Additional camera: Fernando M, Edgar N.
More background info about the video will be on https://www.djsadhu.com

4 thoughts on “J-Merkabah & DjSadhu – Holy War”

  1. I pray for peace in our beautiful world. May we love one another and the fascinating world in which we live.


  2. There will be no true peace until ALL people realise that we don’t need any religion & until people give up forming opinions & accept the truth within us. It is personal opinions & religious ‘beliefs’, not truths that divide us, the world will not be united until we get rid of them.

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