Solar System 2.0 – the helical model

Solar System 2.0 – the helical model. A trip through the Galaxy, showing relative movement, the angle between our Solar System and the Milky Way.

Full story and background info here.

Music, animation & editing by DjSadhu.

Desktop wallpapers avilable here.

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  1. Your videos have helped me reimagine the movement of our world, its occupants & the rest of the stat system we belong to on our journey through the universe, Thanks for your work!

  2. I am of the understanding that the helical path of the planets about the sun all move in a counter clockwise direction when viewed with the sun coming toward you. I would say that they follow the right hand rule. You however seem to show them following the left hand rule.

    1. I think they do? This is a shot from the front (camera facing back to where the sun came from)

      I followed this one and a couple of others:

      solar system motion

      Also here is a diagram with clockwise rotation when looking towards the ‘front’.

      1. This is an incomplete and incorrect depiction due to the evidence of rotation of the Universe about an axis. I would love to see a video of that combined to the artist video of this vortex. We still have no Idea if the rotating Universe has a vector and the velocity of that vector if it had one.

        1. I think you’re confusing the “Universe” with the “galaxy.”

          There is no frame of reference in which we could use to detect or even perceive the “Universe” in motion (“rotating”) since we cannot ‘see’ outside the Universe.

          Almost everything we observe from Earth (i.e. other ‘galaxies’)—from our ‘geocentric’ perspective—is moving away from us[1] (except the stars in our own galaxy) which is how we came to the observational conclusion that the Universe as we know it originated from a super-dense singularity (the ‘Big Bang Theory’).

          As for the vector and velocity (~600 km/s) of our own galaxy—the Milky Way—we do know this. We can and have measured it by observing the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) which is the oldest ‘light’ (electromagnetic energy) in the Universe.
          ( see: )

          [1] — there are a few exceptions like the Andromeda Galaxy which is on a collision course with the Milky Way, a ‘collision’—or rather “merging” of the two galaxies—which is expected to occur some 3.75 billion years from now. By then, life on Earth will have long since been extinguished because the Sun will be in the final stages of its death throes.

    1. At 0:55 the sun is moving away from the camera. The camera is following the sun and arcs around the left. From 1:10 onward the camera is in front of the sun pointing back to where the sun came from.
      If you pause the video, the perspective can play tricks. If you let it run, the context makes it more clear.

  3. salam aleykum djsadhu

    Im very ignorant about astronomy and my english is poor too speaking about it., but there is a question I would like to make cause sure you can give me an answer … if you like to.. this is my question: is there any possible way that the earth and all planets and moon can one day be faster than the sun couse it slow down in his running so that instead to be behind the sun they all be after it? I tell you this couse there are many hadiths in Islam that says that one day the sun will rise from west and the only awy is possible without changing the earth rotation is that the earth will be after the sun and not behind.., thanks for the answer if you please 🙂
    sorry for my english .. I did my best swear!

    1. Anything is possible, really. A comet or asteroid could swing by and pull things out of place. Or maybe a pole shift. Or maybe the hadiths were not meant to be taken literally, and they describe a power shift. The sun has often been used to symbolize power, and having it rise on the other side could mean a change in power.

    2. Fatma is not so bad nor in english nor in physic nor in Muslim religion, he is in right, the momentum of the earth around the sun could slowly nutate, thus after a 180degrees of nutation of the earth track around the sun, the sun should rise from west!!! Try ti think it!

      1. thanks for your answer Mr. Giuliano Rustighi., 🙂
        you got an italian name and I try to answer you back in italian couse my english is really poor and you are polite go let me not feel guilty about it..,
        .. dunque se non ho capito male tu dici che non e’ per il fatto che la terra e tutto il resto si ponga avanti al Sole per poter lo stesso sorgere ad ovest un giorno., ma per la posizione della terra cambiando di gradi rispetto alla posizione che ha attualmente rispetto al Sole., questo vuol anche dire che non cambiera’ neanche la sua rotazione., purtroppo sono molto ignorante in materia anche se mi affascina terribilmente., ma mi piacerebbe capire le varie ipotesi si possano fare per rendere vera una delle piu’ incredibili delle profezie prima della fine dei tempi., avevo chiesto a djsadhu se poteva sulla base della sua sapienza fare qualche schemino video., per dimostrare come possa essere fattibile una cosa del genere., 🙂 ma non essendo musulmano., credo ci creda poco a questa profezia e non si impegna molto.., invece io sono musulmana e ci credo come credo al mio respiro., ma non ho la scienza che Allah(swt) ha concesso a djsadhu per poter mettere in pratica teorica il tutto.., aspettiamo gli eventi insomma dal profondo della nostra tomba 🙂

        salam aleykum

  4. Fatma:
    The direction of the sun rise is a function of the earth’s direction of rotation on its axis. Not the direction it orbits the sun.

  5. Djsadhu
    There are times throughout the video that the direction goes from a right hand to a left hand motion. You probably know what left and right motion mean, but for those who don’t. You point your thumb in the direction the sun is moving and the curl of your fingers tell you which rule applies. For the earth about the sun point your right thumb in the direction the sun is moving and the counterclockwise motion of the earth about the sun will be shown by the direction your fingers curl..

    1. It may seem so, but I assure you that is not the case. The direction is either right or wrong, it does not change.
      To get technical: in 3ds Max the planets follow a helix shape. The helix has a couple of settings, one of them is clockwise/counter clockwise.
      No matter how it looks, I have set these settings once, and they don’t change during the shots.
      Cameras and so on are animated, but the direction of the helices is not.
      I’m curious though where you see them change?

      3ds Max scene

      By the way, thanks for bringing this up, this is one of the things I was afraid I might screw up. Checking will never hurt.

  6. thanks for your answer djsadhu 🙂 I appriciate., with Allah(swt) everything is possible., it is Him that governe the cause and He says that just a little known of science we do have .. I love your blog and posts.. make me fly 🙂
    Allah(swt) may guide you to Islam .. we do need men like you smart and science lover 🙂 salam

    @alan fiont

    I know that 🙂 but for example: let say that in Italy is 5 march 2015 at 1:00pm and the sun gives his light to italy that is behind the sun but if the earth runs faster than the sun and goes in front of it without changing his rotation what happen in 2600 at the same time and day? it will be night time with the sun rise from west .. I know it is a “crazy” idea but.. like djsadhu says everything is possible.. and with Allah(swt) everything is possible like today we are here and two minutes later we are in this earth not 🙂

    salam aleykum everyone take care 🙂

  7. fatama
    The motion of the earth in the the direction the sun is moving(that is whether it is ahead or behind the sun) only contributes to the sun’s position above or below the equator. At I use that perspective to show that the earth is not tipped 23.5 degrees. Since I discover it, I call that contribution the Zale Angle. A good number for the Zale Angle is 2.22 degrees therefore the earth is only tipped 21.28 degrees. On page 2 of my web sight
    are the math and physic papers that explain this and other facts that we can now know and understand. Because it requires a heliocentric perspective the astronomers and astrophysicists, who are geocentric only, can not see this truth.

  8. Alan 🙂

    tu parli ad una persona come me che di astronomia non ne capisce niente e l’esempio che ti pongo e’ che sto scrivendo in italiano pretendendo che tu capisca non conoscendolo ( credo 🙂 ) .. io ti ho porto un’esempio molto semplificato di come sia possibile il sole sorgere un giorno ad ovest come da profezia di rasulullah., che non e’ come ha detto djsadhu allegoria ma sara’ un segno visibile agli occhi delle genti future., cosi come lo spaccarsi della luna che si manifesto’ visibilmente alle genti della Mecca.., comunque lo si voglia vedere il sole nella sua prospettiva e’ la terra che cambiando posizione giometrica 🙂 determinera’ un’inversione di rotazione allegorica., nel senso che la rotazione e’ sempre la stessa ma e’ come se l’avesse fatta.. sarebbe carino se djsadhu facesse un video di questa profezia., e dimostrasse come effettivamente frame by frame il sole un giorno sorgera’ ad ovest .. teoria per teoria infiiiamoci anche questa., sarebbe ottimo argomento di discussione.. 🙂

    buona traduzione a tutti 🙂

    Ciao 🙂

    ps: sorry djsadhu by writing in italian hope you don’t mind .. if you teach me a bit of astronomy I will teach you a bit of italian language 😛

  9. Alan

    you do know about astronomy more than I do for sure., writing in italian it was just a little example how I can not understand what you talking about and its the same I speak italian with you 🙂 I wrote the same in italian.. anyway the point is that one day the sun will rise from west and there is nothing we can do about 🙂

    thanks to you and take care 🙂

    peace be upon you ( salam aleykum )

  10. If the sun moves around the center of the galaxy along the ellipse, and the planets revolved around the ellipse, there might be a helical motion, but it is not confirmed by any law of planetary motion around the sun. Ellipses at which the movement of the planets around the sun, lie in straight and to the closed curve, confirming the constant angular momentum, which causes circulation speed (velocity perpendicular to the radius.). In your account, this would have a height spiral climb about 7.6 billion kilometers for one revolution of our planet. That would be almost linear movement (coil diameter of about 300 million kilometers, a height of 7.6 billion km. In closed round (for 1 year)

  11. The solar system is really what you said so?
    Do you have any data allows us to convince?
    Speaking from the center of the Earth to overturn thousands of years now about it, now that you mean to say that our solar system is in the Milky Way travel, rather than fixed, right?
    I see the sun in the release of energy, is in the back of his energy has a long yellow belt, perhaps in order to make a more convincing but when you make up. If it is the former case, it is in motion and release energy, other galaxies in our solar system at run time whether it is also the release of energy (blue track line)?

    1. Solar system is a group of celestial bodies that follow the sun under the laws which correspond to relations between the sun and these celestial bodies. Also, the sun with our own horses system must behave according to the laws of the group to which it belongs and that is our galaxy the Milky Way. And our galaxy belongs more influential set of celestial bodies, cluster of galaxies that are moving around the center of the Cosmos (this is not the universe, because the universe is not the Cosmos already manifested his part made up of matter and various energy). The movement of the sun is not normal to the plane of the ecliptic, but the direction of movement takes place in the plane, so that the planets in space galaxies do not form a closed elliptic orbits, to which planets have perihelion precession. In addition planets do not move in ellipses, but it performs the center of mass of the planet (pericentar). and the planet itself has a few additional rotation: rotation around the center of mass, spin, precession around the axis of heaven and nutation .Of course there is the further movement, and this is the precession of the perihelion bod sinusoidal radius at which the planet rotates around the center of mass.

  12. For the new understanding of precession and nutation go to this web page,, and read the paper ” Why The Earth Wobbles “. Maybe before doing that watching “Alan’s Discovery” which is on youtube might help you to better understand this paper.
    Three D helical is tough for anyone. It is impossible for those you have been educated in the more common geocentric perspective. In any case have fun!

  13. Thanks very much for this beautifully crafted visualization. When I saw the first version, I immediately recognized what it shows us, and showed it to my astronomy class, because it is delightful and revealing of what we normally don’t get to see. After that, I spent a minute or two scoffing at the “woo-woo” vortex stuff for a while, before returning to admire the lovely visualization. Thank you more than twice as much for version 2.0! Version one was already better craftsmanship than any “woo-woo-free” visualization out there, but 2.0 is gorgeous. You saved the baby from the bathwater, and I really want you to know that someone noticed that you went to the trouble, and I appreciated it.
    If you are thinking of another foray into astronomical visualization, how about spiral arms of galaxies? Apparently the arms are sustained by a wave of star creation, rather than by long-lived stars staying in order. I know nothing about coding visualizations, so maybe it would have too many moving parts, but I thought the idea of a “wave of star creation” had an inspiring ring to it.

  14. in the video, you show the sun following a straight line. it does not. it orbits in a binary pairing with…..some other star, and I believe we orbit around Sirius, or we and Sirius orbit some star in Orion, it gets too large to tell. and so the whole spiral is itself a strand in a larger one. turtles all the way down.

    1. Dave:
      You are correct the sun does move in a circular pattern, however for the distance it is shown any creature that occurs is to slight to depict. It would be like trying to show the curvature of the earth using a yard stick, any bend is too much.

    2. Prior to this one I made video demonstrating what you described:
      However, in this Solar System 2.0 video I wanted to focus on the helical aspect only, to get at least that confirmed by main stream scientists.
      So I deliberately left out the ‘longer path’ of the sun (how that is shaped is not the topic of this video), “pictures of leaves” (they really seemed to piss people off) and other debatable stuff.
      And it sort of worked: “Your latest video has my full support. You’re clearly correct that large numbers of people aren’t aware that the Solar System moves through space – or if they are, they haven’t realized exactly what that means. Your video is a great way of demonstrating that.” Source:

  15. If the solar system truly rotated in the heliocentric model, then every year the Earth would pass directly through the sun’s solar wake. This would be a proven and unrefutable fact, thereby lending support to the helical orbit proposed.

    The 3D model is clearly intended to illustrate the helical orbit and does not answer everyone’s questions about the relationship regarding other solar bodies. I appreciate what has been done here as it has opened my eyes and mind to possibilities not considered before. Thank you.

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