“The Greatest Adventure” (Music Video)

”The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.”
Thank you for all the adventures – and the Greatest Adventure of a life time ❤️ It’s not about the journey, or the destination. It’s about the company.

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I made the video with Unreal Engine.

2 thoughts on ““The Greatest Adventure” (Music Video)”

  1. Dear DJ Sadhu, I am a scientist and Astrophysics graduate, but also a contactee.
    I am doing a presentation regarding our planets current position within the solar system and also discussing the real life connections between movement vibration sound and light. I am currently writing my doctoral thesis for a PhD in neurological science about cognition and neural connections which allow us as a species to transcend and transform this reality into a world of freedom and love for all humans and animals. I completely understand your fascinating model of our sun, the Comet, and would love to present your work publicly this upcoming July at Robert Potters mount Shasta conference. Would you kindly explain your requirements so that I may have permission to publicly display your wonderful video and music? I have referred to your model of the solar system during my time at University and it creates some debate in academic circles.
    I have supported your theory throughout, much to the Chagrin of many of my professors! Sending you waves of peace, love and kindness. David

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