The Helical Model Part 2 – Our Galaxy is a Vortex

Part II of the Helical video series is finished, after two months of research, designing, editing and rendering… it shows our path through the Milky Way.

Here are my notes on this video. It is far from perfect, and I have a lot to say about it.

== the Milky Way ==================================================

– The Milky Way itself travels through space at appr. 600 km/s (
– The image used for texturing the Milky Way is NOT a picture of the Milky Way. There are no pictures of the outside of the Milky Way.
– There could either be a black hole or a central sun in the center of the Milky Way. I went with the texture image and made it shine.
– A complete revolution around the galaxy takes 226 million years (
– Do not confuse the Galactic Plane with the Galactic Equator: the Sun never “crosses” the Galactic Equator because the Sun is always on the Galactic Equator, by definition.

== Precession cycle ===============================================

– One precession cycle takes 25,920 years. (
– Since one revolution takes 226 mln years, this would mean that there are appr. 8692 precessional cycles in one revolution. In this animation there are only 60.

== Scale & distance ==============================================

– the Sun is 109 times bigger and 333,000 times heavier than Earth. If this animation was to scale, the planets would be invisible.
– Our Solar System should be a gazillion times smaller compared to the Milky Way. If this animation was to scale, you could not see the Solar System, the Sun or any of the planets.
– The software used to create this animation is unable to work with extreme sizes and scales that are so far apart. This limited how big the biggest, and how small the smallest object could be.

== Why I left out the Photon Belt ================================

– The alledged location and size of the photon belt is unclear. Some sources say it’s vertical, others say it’s horizontal. I tried to model both, and in no way I could make it so that there was a “2,000 year pass-through”.
– In the vertical setup the band had to be very narrow (2,000 / 226,000,000 => only 0,003185838 degrees of the galactic orbit) (example of vertical band here:
– In the horizontal setup there was no 226,000,000 year orbit (example of horizontal setup here:
– It is widely describes as “10,000 years of darkness, 2,000 years of light” and this does not match any of the orbits I know.
– I’m NOT saying there is no photon belt, I’m just UNABLE to include it in the animation due to lack of good solid evidence.
– Worth reading:

== Sound & music ==================================================

– I know there is no sound in space, but the roaller coaster effect was just too cool – think of it as internal engine noise of our space ship 🙂
– The sound track is called “Enter The Stream” and I created it specifically for this animation.
You can listen to it on my website:

1 thought on “The Helical Model Part 2 – Our Galaxy is a Vortex”

  1. The theory about the photonbelt is a interesting one. I have studed the taoistic philosophy of yin & yang for for almost 30 years and have come up with my own theory, which goes like this.
    The sun moves in a circulary/spiralic up and down motion round the galaxy. For a movement to occure, you need polarity, positive and negative. When the solar system is below the galactic plane, we are in the negative charged part. Now we are moving up inte the positive charged wave form. The point of charge reversal is called the MU point, the eternal, nirvana, the One or what ever you like to call it. You could also see it as the point occuring 22 billions times/second between the frames of continious reality.
    Our solar system is passing now through the galactic plane and shifting polarization. The Sun is at an extrem low solar minimum, earth magnetic field is weakening and the magnetic pole is out of control. All this occuring symptoms are sign of a shuifting polarity through out the solar system, inclusive us humans.
    The so called photon belt is in my theory not a doughnut shaped force, but radiating horizontaly straight out from the galactic center, or the dark riff as one may also call it.
    This dark riff might not be that dark, but full with energy. Just as we humans desolve into eternity every night or at death, we loose for a while all conciousness and memory, just to come out on the other side rejuvinated.
    The same seems to apply to our solar system.
    How this different stages of change in polarization will turn out, I’m not shure, but can allready be seen in the loss of intrest in the old pragmatism, the old structure of thinking. I think we are back or move towards a much more holistic view and structure of daily life, living according to the ways of the universe and not some funny laws and regulations of self-interest.
    The whole solar sytem, including everything, will be rejuvinated and lifted into a higher state of vibrations. We are the lucky ones to have front row tickets to the show! Enjoy!

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