Vortex Solar System Instrumental

For everyone who likes the sound track of the Vortex Solar System video: I’ve decided to make it available for download. The instrumental is actually a beat I created over ten years ago, so the quality is not all that.

Remember it’s for PERSONAL USE only, not for any commercial purposes.
Downloading the file means you agree with these terms.

DjSadhu – Vortex Instrumental.mp3

(right click => “save target as..”)

© Copyright DjSadhu.

6 thoughts on “Vortex Solar System Instrumental”

  1. Love your music. Reminds me of Jeff Beal’s soundtrack from House of Cards, which I also love.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    Question about the vortex solar system: I always thought that the helical model could only work by two forces if the orbits were circular. The elipse required, in my thinking, a third force. On my own, I envisioned the vortex model in my mind and the eliptical effect was from the wobble off the flat plane as the planets fall into the conical vortex, like a penny going down the funnel. Any info on the elipse effect you wish to share with me?

  2. Thank you for giving the sound track for free, very kind. I love the animation that you have done it really is amazing and would love to see more.

    Out of interest, what was the software used in designing it?

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