NOW by DjSadhu - dance, edm, electronic, house

I put my entire album “NOW” up on the $MUSICOIN Blockchain.
All tracks are FREE to listen!

Musicoin is the next generation music platform. What Bitcoin is for money, Musicoin is for music. All tracks are stored in the block chain, and artists get the highest stream playback rating in the industry, while playback for the public is FREE.  As an artist I totally support this idea of independent, decentralized music distribution.




Click below to listen to the tracks for free on Musiccoin:

01 – Dew (4:24)
02 – Waves (6:09)
03 – Bumps (2:08)
04 – Insomniac (2:34)
05 – Rest (1:32)
06 – June (6:24)
07 – Fiber (5:20)
08 – Fuse (4:30)
09 – Monster (2:37)
10 – Stuck (3:24)
11 – Freeze (2:48)
12 – When (1:20)
13 – NOW (9:20)
14 – Altitude (3:45)
15 – Memory (1:13)


Album ‘Beyond’ hitting stores

My latest 15 track album ‘Beyond’ is hitting stores world wide. It has become an album with quite powerful music that will take you away from daily stress. Music for mindful moments.

Main platform is Bandcamp of course. Although you can listen to my music for free on Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube, Bandcamp offers a great way to support artists you like.

The album has also been released on ONErpm, Google Play, Deezer, Microsoft Groove, and of course iTunes.

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