J-Merk & DjSadhu: “Hillary for Prison” video

Our entry for Alex Jones “Stop Hillary’s attacks on free speech” contest:



Song Credits:

Lyrics written and performed by : J-Merk
Recorded by: L. Zavala (F.L.U.)
Music produced, mixed and mastered by DjSadhu
Additional guitar by A. Bradney

Video Credits:

Camera 1: J. Canzoneri
Camera 2: F. Munoz (F.L.U.)
Camera 3: K. Caban

Beat, music, editing, mixing, mastering and special effects: DjSadhu

For further viewing:


www.infowars.com  “”Free Speech Contest””

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested After Money Falls Out Of Pants

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A man was arrested on suspicion of robbing a bank in Merced Saturday afternoon.

Merced police say Shawn Lee Canfield, 25, walked into the Chase Bank inside the Raley’s grocery store on G Street and Yosemite Avenue around 1:40 p.m. and handed the teller a card demanding cash. Authorities say the teller handed over $2,748, and the suspect took off.

Officers say they were responding to the scene and caught up with Canfield near G Street and El Portal Drive as he was trying to shove money down his pants. The teller was taken to that location and positively identified him as the suspect.

As detectives walked Canfield upstairs at the station, police say money started falling out of his pant leg, and a total of $2,414 was collected. During police questioning, the suspect was asked to stand up and an additional $334 fell out of his pant leg, according to authorities.

Investigators say Canfield admitted to the bank robbery and said he needed the money to get to Colorado to visit his mother.

Canfield was arrested and booked into the Merced County Jail for robbery and burglary.

Sources: http://abc30.com/news/merced-pd-cash-falls-out-of-bank-robbery-suspects-pants/297752/

Hey “Nick”!

I got this hilarious message today from “Nick”:

I assume “Nick” is talking about the helical solar system gif that is on imgur:

Helical orbits

This gif is a small part from one of my videos. I did not upload the gif by the way.

Now here’s the funny part: “Nick” rushed to this website to send me his angry message, obviously did not notice the huge logo on top of the page (that looks quite similar to the gif), scrolled down to find the contact form, passed another version of the same logo on the right side, and went ahead and typed his message.

Way to go “Nick”! I did create the video, the uploader on imgur had the decency to leave my url. Next time have a look around before you comment.

FAKE Russian meteor crater video

I’m not buying this one.

– The meteor came in on a steep angle, the impact crater would not have been round.
– This does not look like a blast crater, but more like a collapse. The crater edges look like they have been cut with a knife.
– The fire looks like fueled fire or wood burning.

Edit: this crater has been identified as the “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan – wikipedia

This is the original video: