Devlog: Building a Game in Unreal Engine – E01 – Footstep and Foliage Sounds

I’ve been building a game in Unreal Engine, here’s some of the progress and a look behind the scenes while I’m adding footsteps and foliage sounds. You can support my work here:… I’ve been working for a few months now on characters, animation, AI, animal behavior, inverse kinematics, sound design, combat & weapons and dozens of other things. And also on the music for the game. Right now the game runs 40fps on a GTX1060, and I have to tweak every little detail to keep performance up. #ue #unreal #gamedev #indie #devlog #coding #blueprints #gamedevelopment #gaming #programmer #design #buildingagame

“The Greatest Adventure” (Music Video)

”The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.”
Thank you for all the adventures – and the Greatest Adventure of a life time ❤️ It’s not about the journey, or the destination. It’s about the company.

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I made the video with Unreal Engine.

“Changeling” (Music Video)

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I created the video in UnrealEngine. I’m planning a whole series of music videos for this album, and for the next one I will make try to showcase some of the Unreal Engine 5 Nanite and Lumen features! For cinematographers this Unreal Engine 5 is the stuff of dreams. I used to work in 3Ds Max and wait days or even weeks for a single render. Currently even in 4K cinematic quality these renders take 3-6 hours each in Unreal Engine. Since most of my videos take between 10 and 30 render attempts before I am happy with the results, you can imagine how productive this is.

“Moonlight” (Music Video)

Take a relaxing trip through time, and enjoy a little Moonlight journey ❤️ featuring some beautiful nature moments, ocean, sunrise, sunset, night time and moonlight.

Music: “Moonlight” by Epko Staring:
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The video was made using Unreal Engine. Some of the plugins used are ‘Ultra Dynamic Sky’, ‘Tropical Ocean Tool’ and ‘Magic Map Material & Maker’, all are amazing add-ons for use in cinematic videos.

“Patience” (Music video)

This is the romantic story of two souls finding each other. Separated by distance and overcoming challenges and hardships to be together.

Album: Lost And Found

The album “Lost and Found” is available on most music platforms:

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Previous video

Previous video starring our deer couple is “With All My Heart“.

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Unreal Engine

The video was created with Unreal Engine. Even though it is primarily a game engine, its Cinematics Sequencer is an awesome tool for video making. Unreal Engine is free to use, and they provide great tools, many of them are free as well. The final video was rendered in 50 fps 4K on a GTX 1060.

Some of the cool assets used in this video:
Spring Landscape
Flowers and Plants Nature Pack
Animal Ultra Pack
Animal Variety Pack