Clif High’s Wujo discussions & interviews – torrent files

I have created .torrent files for the “Wujo discussions” recently published by Clif High. If possible, use the .torrent files to save Clif some bandwidth. I will maintain this page with fresh episodes as soon as they are released by Clif.

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68 thoughts on “Clif High’s Wujo discussions & interviews – torrent files”

    1. Don’t delete anything I would say… the more we spread these files with torrents ourselves, the more Clif saves on bandwidth.

      However: the advantage of having only 1 torrent version is that nobody misses out on seeders!

  1. Thanks for doing this. I will seed as I can from here on. Can’t always be online but I will leave my torrent program running for the time being to help.

  2. This is my first exposure to torrent files. Where can I go to learn more about them? ie -can their download be speeded up? What are seeds? (anything else I may need to know) Thank you.

  3. The main difference between regular downloads and torrent distribution is the place where you get your file: with regular downloads everyone downloads the file from a webserver. This means that if 100 people download a 10Mb file, Clif has to pay for 1Gb bandwidth.

    BitTorrent is a “peer-to-peer” protocol, so only the first download has to be downloaded from the web server. After that the peer-to-peer network takes over.

    After a .torrent has been created and posted here, all subsequent downloads are “distributed” amongst us good folks, meaning that all downloaders (“leechers“) get the file from people who already have downloaded it to their computer (“seeders“).

    The download is broken up into small “pieces“, and your torrent client know wich pieces must still be downloaded. When all pieces are finished, your client software stitches the original file back together.

    A “torrent client” is a program that runs and manages your torrent downloads. Examples are Deluge, Transmission, uTorrent and many more.

    A “torrent file” is a small package that contains information about the file itself, and wich “tracker” to connect to. This is what you can download on this page.

    A “tracker” is a website that keeps track of who already has the file, partially or complete, so your torrent client knows which connections to open.

    You can imagine why the download speed is not constant: it depends on how many seeders are online, how many leechers want the same file, and the upload speed of the leechers.

    Torrent downloads tend to go slow at first for two reasons: first of all the number of seeders we start with is 1 (me in this case). After some other good folks have finished downloading the file, they become seeders as well. The second reason is that your torrent client has to find seeders and connect to them, this also takes some time.

    And finally, the nice karmic thing with torrents is “ratio“: how much do you take, and how much do you give? ALWAYS upload more than you download (ratio greater than 1). That’s the only way to rapidly distribute a file.

    Questions left?

    1. Hi,

      If your IMac does not recognize torrents, it’s probably because you have no client software installed yet.
      You can find such a client program here.
      If this does not help, you can get the regular mp3 files here.
      Hope this helps you out.

  4. I have read the above now.
    Since I do not have a clue about computers I will wait until it shows up somewhere else.
    I am enormously interested though…;-)

  5. Frostwire will not open any of the torrents. Error message “file is corrupted”. Once it asked to update which crashed PC, then another error message “no internet detected”, which is incorrect. Switched to another OS and encountered same problems.

    1. Anyone else with similar problems? Torrents are created with uTorrent under Windows7. It does seem a bit like your FrostWire is messing up… I test these torrents with uTorrent (Windows7), Deluge (Ubuntu Linux) and TTorrent (Android), and they seem to work fine. Could you give another program a chance?

  6. Good on you for helping Clif to get the message out without it digging into his own pocket.
    Now everyone can share the pie! Hehe
    I’ll seed as much as I can using a vpn tunnel.

    Thanks again!

    1. Well, if the torrents download fine on your Mac then you’re already helping… I’m trying to make sure the torrents are ok and it seems like they are.
      Or maybe you can explain to the good folks here how to open .torrents on a Mac?
      Plus you can help by seeding to a ratio above 1, this way you give to others what you have downloaded 😉

  7. Blush blush, I haven’t got a clue about what “seeding to a ratio above 1” means. …otherwise I would do that, if that helps.

  8. Thanks for helping out Clif save his bandwith by supplying these torrents. I did make small donation to Clif to help him out. I will seed as well.

  9. i’m using ktorrent, and getting a report, after the torrented file is actually downloaded, and seeding, that your tracker,, is not working; states “Error: Port 6881 is blacklisted.” This is the state of the seeds for both E8 and the new E1-E7 compilation torrents.

    the older torrents, tracked at, report as “OK,” and are working.

    Is this my clients issue, or something at your end/the tracker settings?



    1. Port 6881 is the “standard” bittorrent port that’s usually blocked or throttled by ISP’s. I’ll un-blacklist it, but for now you could try choosing a different port in your client.

  10. roger that, will do, and thanks much, for the help and making the wujo files available, djsashu…



  11. regarding penis post………the lost book of enki………the only phyical difference between the human and the gods is that the gods had no foreskin…….so this covenant with god goes back even father or something else………..any comments

  12. Clif hasn’t posted anything for awhile. Is everything alright. I thought that Clif was going to post on meditation.
    Thanks for any info

  13. I downloaded Clif High Wujo E14 but can’t get it to open/run. The icon appears to be blank. I tried to open with iTunes on my Mac.

    Thanks for doing this for Clif and the rest of us.


  14. Sitting on pins and needles awaiting the new wujo update!

    This is not meant to complain, because I REALLY APPRECIATE and am grateful for this service which you provide for free! I have a robot set up to detect changes on clif’s site and email me when it detects a change…. so the delay from hen he posts that its up and the when you get it posted here feels like I’m sitting in a rollercoaster as it inches its way to the top of the first hill….. 😉

    Thank You djsadhu!

  15. You can now download the E0-E4 zip archive from —-

    Generates this error msg.

    File not available
    This file was either in breach of a copyright holder or deleted by the uploader.

  16. the wujo posted ia an .aup file – cannot open and do not want to download more software

    can you change it to other file everyone can open?

    thank you!

  17. Just discovered this service. Thank you. Your formats are very helpful, especially for seeing what I have missed, and for passing on specific Wujo’s to my dad and others.
    Thanks again,

  18. Hey, my Brother – Thanks for the wujo torrents. And for the Youtube vids. As I mentioned in the comments there, you already know I think those are way cool. And, I appreciate you being humble, man. But, don’t count yourself short. Your work complements Clif’s, and is just as valuable.
    Cheers from sunny Arizona!
    Mark V.

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  23. Good evening

    I had a hard drive failure and lost all my clif fix.

    I had everything from the first interviews on mystery of the mind to all the articles he writes up in PDFs.

    Normally wouldn’t ask but some of the early torrents aren’t on your website anymore.

    Wondering if it would be possible for you to put together a complete package by torrent or zip file.

    It doesn’t matter if it is an online storage, drop box or torrent. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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