1 thought on “New Clif High Wujo – E42 – March 23, 2013 – Apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelly, and the listener…The Masque of Anarchy (redone)”

  1. hi clif high
    so glsd to find way to write to you
    you mentioned the jain
    i was at a jain healing center for 6 wks
    in 1992 in chaaterrppur india nr delhi
    had come from katmandu where i developed some kind of awfulness in lungs

    i had to sign an agreement to be the
    for whole time no leaving the compound
    tho i just had to go out because the durga temple next door was reverberating with drums full moon all night celebration
    5 each morn meditation in the lower room cold! could have ginger tea
    6 to 7 or so lots of folks came to learn
    asanas to help heal injuries

    i traded my fee for editing his writings which were published in many magazines

    met many of the members and wives
    true they do a lot for people
    i was invited to dinner at one of the supporters of the center
    there children quizzed me about
    our govt they did not like it!
    i kept saying i dont either
    i like and agree with what you have to say
    are you a remote viewer?
    you say you are old or older
    i am 75! always wanting to know more
    there’s a bug in email cannot use
    so maybe ans me here? love and light

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