‘See-around-a-corner’ camera prototype unveiled

USA TODAY –  “Laser experts reported Tuesday that they have succeeded in using an experimental camera to capture three-dimensional images of objects even when they’re hidden around a corner.

Long sought, the camera offers a new approach to visualizing obscured objects or people. In effect, the camera nearly instantaneously knits together reflections of laser light pulses that are bounced off a wall and onto a hidden object to create the pictures.

Study lead author Andreas Velten of the Morgridge Institute for Research in Madison, Wis., part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology camera technology group that built the device, suggests the technology will initially see applications in high-cost military or search-and-rescue operations. “For consumer use, there is a lot of miniaturization ahead,” Velten says. “It’s not going to happen soon.” But eventually, he says, “There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be on your iPhone someday.”

Source: USA Today