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Previously in a Galaxy nearby…


There has been quite the shit storm about the Solar System videos I made two years ago (1 & 2). I kind of expected that, had my umbrella ready and watched it all hit the fan. When an ‘unschooled noob’ like myself meddles with science and starts making claims, it’s hard for those who have invested years in education not to get annoyed.

Since I am not a scientist, my job and funding are not on the line, and I can make videos about whatever I want, even if that means mixing personal beliefs with scientific-looking stuff. A lot of people related to the personal beliefs (like the one that everything in Universe is connected) and a lot did not. Most certainly not the scientists, who usually only touch the ‘provable stuff’ and stay away from stuff you ‘feel is true’. Not entirely a bad thing, I’d rather not live in a building built by someone who only ‘felt’ it would stay standing instead of doing the actual calculations. The downside is, as I found out, that this mixing kind of throws out the baby with the Bhat water. So let’s summarize some stuff from these first two videos, the criticism, and where I stand now.


Our Solar System is a Vortex showed the helical patterns of the planets over time and connected it with other helical patterns found elsewhere.

– The planets are in the wrong order! Yes, I totally screwed up two orbits right before rendering the video. Out of millions of viewers maybe 50 noticed, but they’re right. But, this should not make you not see the point.

– It’s a helix, not a vortex! Maybe, but you get the point, right? Also this should not make you not see the point.

– The sun is not like a comet! Well, it kind of is, actually. Even NASA used the term “like a comet“.

– The heliocentric model is not “wrong”! I agree that to a certain degree it is a matter of “frame of reference”, but I am still of the opinion that gives a “wrong” impression, or “incomplete” for that matter. I’m willing to take it down a notch and say there’s more to reality than the heliocentric dinner-plate diagrams. Fair enough?

– The sun does not lead the planets! In this case, you comment on the wrong video. It’s the other video that demonstrates the cone shaped model. After reading the Plait article a lot of folks rushed to comment what they just read (about 24 times “all wrong”), not even noticing that in this video the planets are nicely lined up.

– The angle with the Galaxy is 60 degrees, not 90! There is no galaxy in this video, so what angle? Maybe the angle relative to the travel direction, but more on that later. Again, reading an article, rushing, blabla, and not even looking closely.

– This is religious crap! Hahaha, I can assure you I am NOT religious. Maybe spiritually minded, but that’s like the opposite of religious.

You should be in jail for misleading people! Really, someone actually said that. She (yeah, she) should make a great fascist, throwing people in jail for an idea.

The second video, Our Galaxy is a Vortex demonstrated the “Bhat model”, with helical patterns, the sun leading the planets etc etc. Funny, although most details that were cause for the shit storm were in this video, most comments were on the other one.

– The sun does not lead the planets! That may be the case. I’m open to the idea that it does, but I have yet to find absolute proof for it.

– The angle with the Galaxy is 60 degrees! At 2:55 in the video I show how this could be the result of the upward angle of the Sun’s path.

– The sun’s path around the Galaxy itself is not helical! That may be. It’s surely not a straight line, we most certainly travel above and below the galactic plane, and I would not be surprised if there were more components to this pattern. Some say it is, and connect this to electromagnetism. But it is certainly not ‘mainstream’ to think this way.

– Our solar system does not have a tail! Well, according to NASA, and DiscoverMagazine, it kind of does.

It’s only a change in frame of reference! In a way, yes. But can it be “all wrong” and at the same time only a change of perspective? The confusing part is that some claim the helical model is “nothing new”, and other claim it’s “all wrong”. Go figure.

 I totally get why some people responded furiously. The claims in the videos are quite strong, and stuff got dragged that is not in the domain of science (like questions about the meaning of life). And the tone, yes the attitude….

The attitude!

So what was the point?

Out of all these wacky ideas in the first two videos there’s only one that’s most important to me. No, it’s not whether the solar system’s path is a wobble or a helix. No, it’s not whether the sun ‘leads’ the planets or not. No, it’s not the ‘pictures of leaves’. As this guy understood right away, it’s the impression that the standard diagram gives.

It is how we see the solar system in our mind’s eye.

For me, the difference between a stationary looking dinner plate model and this dynamic, spiraling model was too huge to ignore. If you ask anyone what they see when they think of the solar system, they will probably describe something like this:



Obviously, I think there’s much more to it than that. Better yet, I think the helical model is quite provable. So, I decided to make another video demonstrating this helical pattern, but this time without the ‘wacky claims’. Just to get the point across: we’re moving, folks!  I decided to dial it down a notch, leave out all the debatable details, no furious claims, no stepping on toes, no ‘pictures of leaves’, just the helical model. And make it art.

Here is Solar System 2.0 – a ‘new’ way of looking at our solar system. Sure, the knowledge that we’re moving may have been out there somewhere… but not the image.




C’mon, now don’t tell me this was exactly how you always imagined it was.

Did you notice that from 2:05 you can actually see BOTH models? I included this shot just to show how dramatic this ‘change of perspective’ can be. Here’s the heliocentric model put into a helical frame of reference:


Although this is kind of “my own interpretation” of the 60 degree angle (no, not again!) it could work. But even if you disagree, this should not make you not see the point.

Also, did you notice there were no ‘wacky claims’ and no ‘pictures of leaves’? Don’t get me wrong here, I still believe it’s all connected, still read David Icke, still believe other woowoo stuff – it’s just not in this video. So what I would like is to see this video to be judged by its contents, and not to be debunked because the author ‘has David Icke on his site’.


“Peer review #01”

I recently had an email conversation with Rhys Taylor, an astrophysicist who also wrote an article about the first video. He’s seems like quite a nice guy with a great sense of humor.  And he actually managed to see past the wacky stuff and notice something of a point. He also made his own version, and pointed out that there were similarities:

He explained to me how it all had worked from ‘their’ perspective, and why everyone reacted the way they did.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that discrediting the other stuff on your website was not relevant. You made quite an explicit link between the motion of the planets and DNA and other organic structures. In effect, you claimed that your alternative source model provides evidence for a pseudo-scientific idea about the Fibonacci sequence. That was never going to go down well“.
But he also wrote: “I did, of course, get extremely annoyed by the promotion of this nonsensical alternative [cone shaped] model, but I wanted to make it absolutely clear that this helical-path business is perfectly correct.”

Sure, and I explained to him how it all had worked from my perspective, and why I made this new video. He blogged about this conversation here.

Here are some selective quotes from our conversation:

Rhys: “First, you presented the idea of helical paths as though it were some revolutionary new model. You could have very easily checked with more or less any astronomer who would have told you that we already know this is the case. True, a shiny animation did not exist to show it, but that, as I said, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t known. That doesn’t mean the video wasn’t worthwhile either, only that it should have been expressed differently. […] I do think Plait was right to call you out – even if he missed a pretty big point that the motion of the Solar System is rarely illustrated. Most of the problems with the original could, and should, have been easily prevented. It’s still a very nice rendering of the motion of the Solar System, but in context it was saying, “I’m an unqualified DJ who’s overturned all of astronomy“.

Me: “The point is how people ‘see’ the solar system. Although the helical paths may have been known to astronomers and astrophysicists (and part of the public), what people ‘see’ when they think about the solar system is in my opinion incomplete. I doubt even astronomers see the solar system like the dynamic helical system as shown in my video, even though they may have all the facts that support it. I’m really hoping this “Solar System 2.0” concept is getting the point across without shooting the idea in the foot again. […] Since I personally experienced that “aha moment” when I first found out the diagrams I had been watching all my life told only half the story, I’m willing to be that “nutter” as long as this becomes common knowledge.”

Me: “And how come, even though the standard model is ‘correct’ and ‘complete’… you had to come up with a completely new animation to show the old model is okay? Because there was no such video… and that’s what I find annoying. “Science” quickly jumps onto the “it’s all wrong” bandwagon… and then you have to go and tinker to personally make the first “correct” version (oh the angle is a bit different) The complete model should have been out there all along! Noo, let’s debunk DjSadhu, and then make the correct version – for the first time!

Rhys: “Well, as I wrote in the article : ” What honestly surprises me is that this is so incredibly popular on the internet. If you weren’t aware that the Sun orbits the center of the galaxy – which, since the planets orbit it, necessitates that they trace out helical paths – then the education system has seriously failed. I have been accused of sounding jealous on this point, but unfortunately for me my statement is absolutely true. Honestly, it was so obvious to me that the planets trace out helical paths that I’m still amazed people find this such a revelation. Any object moving in a circular path around a moving center MUST trace out a helix. I find this so obvious I really don’t get why it needs to be stated, let alone visualised. But apparently I’m wrong, and it does. That’s why people like me and Plait are going to get pretty riled if you (intentionally or otherwise) claim that there’s something wrong with the heliocentric model – there isn’t, it’s purely a choice of reference frame.[…] The fact that the Sun and the Solar System orbit the galactic center ought to be considered as ordinary as the Earth going round the Sun. Your latest video has my full support. You’re clearly correct that large numbers of people aren’t aware that the Solar System moves through space – or if they are, they haven’t realised exactly what that means. Your video is a great way of demonstrating that.(emphasis added)

Full article here.


So now what, Solar System 2.0?

Like the cartoon above showed, I’m kind of on this silly quest for a new way to look at our habitat in space. It’s not a matter of words, it’s a matter of images.

“Solar System 2.0” is my attempt to get ‘mainstream’ to accept this other way of looking at our solar system.


Why fro crying out loud?!

It is real. Why is it not out there?




Sure, there are some videos about the helical model, but the authors are mostly considered nutters, like me.

In defense of the heliocentric model I’ve heard arguments like “it’s easier to use this frame of reference if you want to launch a satellite of space craft, it doesn’t matter”. Well, normal folks don’t launch space craft, but they do have this mental picture of our solar system – and they could easily see the helical model instead. From personal experience I know that changing this mental picture can also change how you feel when you look at the stars or the sun for instance.

Regardless of my other opinions, this new “Solar System 2.0” image could easily be widely accepted. I left my personal beliefs out of the video intentionally. Yes, in my personal experience the helical paths, DNA, life, Universe are all connected. Hell, I would not be surprised if one day the discovery is made that the entire Universe is conscious.

Rhys: “Sadhu and I are never going to agree on that. And you know what ? That’s absolutely fineSadhu does still have opinions I profoundly disagree with, and that’s OK. If we can’t get along with people who have irrational, harmless beliefs, there’s very little hope for ever persuading those with genuinely dangerous ideas.”

Yes, for the record, and just because I can’t resist the temptation: I believe aliens and UFO‘s exist, the moon landing was a hoax, most vaccines contain mercury and are bad for you, I don’t use fluoride, avoid aspartame because it’s poisonous (did you know Donald Rumsfeld was Mr. Aspartame?), I don’t eat meat, I believe in reincarnation and a consciousness-based Universe, the Illuminati control the world, most world leaders are psychopaths and satanists, the educational system is crap, media is manipulated and used for social engineering, Africa is being raped, as are the Palestinians, and Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945 but fled to Argentina. And I just love Clif High (the smartest crazy old guy I know).







But, like I said, my personal beliefs are not on trial here – the helical model is.

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  1. Hello, good day,
    interesting article and research, it is possible that I share related videos. Thank you very much.

  2. The most tender “speech” post ever read from a self made space man 🙂
    I love your attitude even when you point the third finger up.. ahahah
    see you when the earth will run fasterrrrrrrrr than the sun or when the earth will change it rotation.. will be nice if you will make ” just for me ” when you got free time a video where shows how can be possible one day sunrise will be from west.. you will make me happy and all muslims of the world too.. this is our believe! and if ppl after speak bad to you and think you are crazy … who caresssssss …. 🙂 however this is a very nice and tender post indeed.. complimenti..

  3. To hell with main stream space sciences, who still believe celestial bodies are held in place by gravity, when electromagnetic force is a thousand, billion, billion, billion, billion times greater than gravity. You know the type, that told us comets were dirty snow balls, we know that’s not true and they try to sell us the stupid big bag theory “give one free miracle and we’ll figure out the rest. (See the ten dogmas of science) and of course don’t forget the ridiculous “Black Hole” theory. That’s where these so call main stream space scientists must hang out.
    If you want cutting edge cosmology see the Thunderbolts Project and just forget about main stream space sciences. See: the Thunderbolts, The Electric Universe on You Tube.

    Nice score again, by the way!!!

  4. I am neither an astronomer nor an astrophysics. In 1990 I designed a poster for the purpose of teaching the helical motion of the earth etc. The Nation Science Teachers Assoc. has been selling the poster for over twenty years. I use it in my YouTube video “Alan’s Discovery”. If you would like a copy just email me your postal address. As the planets are being pulled through the galaxy they move faster and slower that the sun so they get ahead and fall behind as the sun pulls them along. When they catch up with he sun they are in what I call the reference plain. Their momentum causes their going ahead of the sun. Papers explaining this and other aspects of this motion are on page two of my web sight Astronomer and astrophysics can only see and think in a geocentric perspective thus they can not see what you and I are talking about. After all these years I am happy to see someone do what you have done. It is nice not being alone trying to enlighten the scientific community.
    Thank You

  5. The planets move around the sun, the sun moves around the galaxy.
    Why stop there? The galaxy ALSO moves… away from the Big Bang, presumably.
    At what speed? And how does that change the overall movement?
    And isn’t the galaxy itself gravitationally affected by the OTHER galaxies in proximity to us?
    So how fast are we moving through space, ultimately? And in what direction?
    Maybe a 3.0 is in order.

    1. Yeah but I’m working on a consumer grade PC with only 16Gb RAM.. hardware is the limit here 🙁
      Someday there will defenitley be a 3.0

      1. Understood. And disputedly accurate or not, your videos are breathtaking and poetic in their artistry and movement. Good stuff!

    2. The sun definitely moves around the center of the galaxy – but – isn’t it possible the sun also orbits around something else thus also tracing out a similar helical pattern to the planets ? Orbits, within orbits, within orbits.

      Ancient civilizations who were so unbelievably accurate with calculating astronomy (Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Vedic etc) all had beliefs in a second son. They calculated our suns oribit around this second sun in reference to the procession of the equinoxes with an orbit taking between 24,000 – 26,000 years and referred to this as the “great year”.

      Moons orbit = a Month
      Earths Orbit = a Year
      Suns Orbit = a Great Year

      And before you say how could they have possibly calculated and known this …. its very possible the older civilizations actually were alive to see it. It is my belief this truth was encoded into the great myths, legends and religions so it was not forgotten.

      I mean the “son” of god. He died and was buried …. but will rise again. The second coming and all that. They didn’t even really try that hard to conceal what they were trying to pass on.

      1. David;
        The helical motion also takes place with the smaller sized objects such as photons and electrons. It explains so much of every thing that we knew happened but not how and why. Now we know.

  6. i would like to say I have my own belief that people look at me like im nutty for.. so if you like my idea please just credit playful0 lol… ever see the pictures of the known universe? the big pulled out this is the universe as we know it ones? ever notice they kinda look like synapses in the brain? so imagine they are all linked in this fashion for a reason, as you said you belive the universe to possably be a consciousness-based Universe. the giant clusters that form the synapsis then the mostly empty areas for the gaps between them. or well it could also be the thin parts thoughts cause when it talks to another one for the first time or something along those lines. to me this all works with no issues, im sure someone will flame me but that’s ok too. and I think your models are fantastic for helping show people a new way to visualise how we move. A I for one will proudly show them to my son once hes old enough to understand them (hes only 20 months atm). yes I know my spelling is bad..

    at any rate I honestly think the universe is set up like a brain in structure. and do not listen to haters, your video is brilliant, yes the motion is known but you are 100 percent correct people don’t visualise it that way in general. they should , but they don’t.

    thank you for making them, I hope some people can open their minds and just say thanks for the visual.

  7. Great music and animation. I don’t believe you only wanted to express yourself with music and animation. You wanted to teach us, to show us some science. Scientists may knew this facts but they haven’t share. Think smart, live smart and share. Thank you for this!

  8. I’m not a scientist and I hold no degrees. I just wanted to let you know that your video really made me think. I’m one of the masses that continues to think we just orbit the sun year after year. I don’t stop to think that we are on a planet that not only orbits the sun, but also travels in a forward motion through space following the sun. And at the same time in a great big galaxy that is also on the move. Your video really made me stop to think about many things. Thank you.

    Don’t forget… Christopher Columbus was told he was wrong and the world way flat. God gives us brains and inspires us to think…and that will inspire others. Thank you again for the video.

  9. DJSadhu,
    I ADORE your vortex model of our solar system!!! Gorgeous, and musically lovely. it puts things in a new perspective. We are not living in a static “rotational” system, we are traveling. I wonder if you are at all familiar with the Electric Universe theory —

    Or Ben Davidson’s ideas about the connection between the sun’s activities and our planet and climate:

    I think your work might link up beautifully with these sites.
    Thanks for your beautiful videos!

  10. Good for you.

    I was one of your defenders against Phil Plait’s somewhat hysterical and irrelevant denunciations at Bad Astronomy, and I’m very glad to see that you made such a wonderful effort to revise your videos into something that’s truly remarkable and beautiful. I hope they will be very widely distributed.

    Best regards… and keep up the good work!

    1. Yes, your article was great and very well written, I was glad to get some support 🙂 You managed to see my point and put it in to words perfectly.
      It also made me think what was really important – and why not make another video that was more ‘acceptable’ by main stream (less wacky stuff, less disputable topics dragged in) just to get this new ‘diagram’ out there.
      The previous videos made it hard for some to see the point without being distracted by details, and I really hope to contribute to some real change with this “Solar System 2.0” video.

  11. First of all, TLDR.

    Friend posted the first video on Facebook. Very cool looking! However…

    The first statement is entirely incorrect. Our solar system IS heliocentric. The fact that we are moving does not change that fact.

    The second point the video fails to mention is that our solar system is rotating around the center of the Milkway galaxy, which is theorized to contain a massive black hole.

    Third, our galaxy is also traveling through space as well. It is theorized that our universe may also be rotating.

    So we are a spiraling within a spiral with a spiral… (solar, galaxy, universe).

    As to the repeated spiral pattern seen and repeat through everything. Look up phi (not pi) and be prepared to have your mind blown.

  12. Thank you for these inspirational videos.

    I think it’s a shame Rhys used the phrase “…people who have irrational, harmless beliefs” when he could have been less judgmental and simply said “people who have different beliefs to me”.

    And just for the record: aliens and UFO‘s exist, the moon landing was a hoax, most vaccines contain mercury and are bad for you, I don’t use fluoride, avoid aspartame because it’s poisonous… I don’t eat meat, I believe in reincarnation and a consciousness-based Universe, the Illuminati control the world, most world leaders are psychopaths and satanists, the educational system is crap, media is manipulated and used for social engineering, Africa is being raped, as are the Palestinians…

    I think you are spot-on, except for the moon landings. We flew to the moon 10 times. Why would we go all that way without landing? I was six and watched it “as it happened” and I am certain it was real. They brought back rocks which are demonstrably different to anything found on Earth.

    We walked on another “planet”. I believe this is the greatest human voyage of exploration we have achieved. So far…

    1. Sure they landed there, but not that time, not as televised. For those who watched the images on television it sure would have felt real, but there are too many anomalies (huge holes) in the footage.
      For instance, listen to the countdown in the Lunar Lander before they touched down.. absolutely silent between the words, while they supposedly sat a few feet above a roaring rocket engine. No blast crater underneath the lander. No dust on the landing gear. Shadow anomalies. And even today NASA has great trouble getting anything though the Van Allen radiation belt, yet these guys flew right through without consequence…

      Also, “irrational beliefs” is a subjective term – for some the thought of aliens existing seems irrational, for others it seems irrational to believe we’re the only ones in the universe… so I can live with the term.

  13. Thank you for this post.
    I was one who was annoyed, not by your animation but by the way Nassim Haramein and countless Facebook posts were claiming that this was the correct way to conceptualize the ‘real’movement of the solar system.
    I agree it is a useful visual image to extend most peoples understanding, but I think its important not to make them think the old way of conceptualizing it was wrong and this way is right. That just confuses them more and makes them more sure they are not confused.
    Your article above is very clear.
    Ultimately even the Terra-centric Ptolemaic system is not ‘wrong’ – just more complicated and less aesthetically pleasing. Combined with the ultimate relativity of all movement is the fact that we still have only the haziest of notions as to the relative movements of the local stars let alone the many other swirling interacting gravitational vortexes within the galaxy and beyond.

  14. And of course the helices create a torus around the center of rotation. Granted, it might be a somewhat wobbly torus since we have the wobble moving across the galactic plane. Or do they? Am I thinking dinner plate again? Because the galaxy moves through the universe.

    And all the stars with all their planets (and moons) are doing the same thing. Or are they?

    If electromagnetism or magnetoelectricity or gravity (choose one) diminishes as the inverse of the square or cube or some other root of the distance, then it never goes to zero does it? Meaning that no matter how infinitesimal that force might be at whatever distance, that it does, in fact, affect everything else in the universe. So, yes, it is one infinite piece and each thing is connected to everything.

    Always remember the small dog swallowing the intergalactic battle fleet.

  15. Have you thought about extending the concept to do one for the Milky Way Galaxy, and/or other galaxies as well?

  16. David:
    I enjoyed both videos. Thank You! As I say above since 1990 The National Science Teachers Association has been selling my poster, which shows the helical motion of the earth. But beyond that I have believed that every thing from photons, electrons up to our solar system itself are moving in a helical pattern. If it moves it is helical. We know that it is an increase of energy that cause matter to send off things in a helical pattern, such as burning a pace of paper. Hopefully what you have shown will encourage the scientist to use the helical motion more and more.

  17. This is one of the best astrophysics video’s ever – I am a computer scientist and I have three hobbies, astrophysics (basics are sound astronomy), cooking great food and faith…. the two video’s you produced are wonderful and I have published them on all my channels’s. Let me just say one thing more . . Thank you

    — Bill Haase
    614 323-9836

  18. Thanks for all the version of the videos. It changed my static point of view in my head, even thought I knew better, to one of a moving dynammic flowing wonder. It made me think. Again Thank You for firing up my brain.

  19. Will you help me make a video of a path of a planet nearly colliding with earth?

  20. Hey, I just got the point and I support your model. It fit’s like a dick in a pussy. The first time I watched it I had a sudden strong feeling of “fuck yeah tha’s more like it”. For what I’ve read from debunkers it’s not debuked at all, they have nothing unless those mistakes you admit and don’t affect to whole idea. Time while show you right, cause now the other model looks boring and as antinatural as the way we living this life with its economic shit, politics and warfare shit. I support this cuse my soul told me right!

  21. Hello DJ Sadhu,
    thank you very much for your excellent work! I am using this as an outstanding example to explain that the change of point of view on to the same thing geocentric > heliocentric > galaxycentric can enhance the understanding of our our world. And I ask people to think about the cause of struggle all around us. It is hybris. The same thing looks different from different point of views. No reason for war.

    Kind regards

    Georg Trappe

  22. D J Sadhu:
    In 1990 I realized that since the sun was moving (44,000 mph) the earth’s motion was a three dimensional helix so I designed a poster to depict this perspective. In 1992 I realized that all of the planets go faster and slower than the sun in the direction the sun is moving. This brought about my discovery that he earth is not tipped 23.5 degrees. Because as the earth goes ahead of and behind the sun the direct-overhead of the sun moves above and below the equator. I call this angle The Zale Angle. A good value for the Zale Angle is 2.22 degres thus the earth is only tipped 21.28 degrees. You can see my explanation and the poster on YouTube at “Alan’s Discovery”. On page 2 of my web site are the papers that explain my discovery. Since those in persons in astronomy and astrophysics all live in a Geo-centric world they can not see my discovery. If you added the third dimension to you video it might help them.
    Thanks for doing what you have done here.

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