Immortality (music video)

Half of what I do is audio. The other half is video. Here’s “Immortality”, but now at 100%. From the album “Beats in Minor“.


Gotta give SundaySampleCrunch credit, for challenging me every week with great samples:

New video: HeatStroke experiment

Just a quick experiment visualizing the HeatStroke tune:

I rendered the hi hat, snare, bass drum and sequencer tracks to separate audio files. Then modeled a drum kit in 3ds Max, applied a FumeFX modifier to each part. Then I used each audio track to determine the amount of fuel the component has. Simulated in relatively low detail due to time constraints, but the idea seems to work.

Vortex Solar System Instrumental

For everyone who likes the sound track of the Vortex Solar System video: I’ve decided to make it available for download. The instrumental is actually a beat I created over ten years ago, so the quality is not all that.

Remember it’s for PERSONAL USE only, not for any commercial purposes.
Downloading the file means you agree with these terms.

DjSadhu – Vortex Instrumental.mp3

(right click => “save target as..”)

© Copyright DjSadhu.