CERN to be turned off for two years

The Large Hedron Collider will be turned off after February 2013, for two years of “maintenance” and “upgrades”.

Although the LHC will not be running after February 2013, CERN certainly will. The whole accelerator chain will undergo maintenance, ready for running at a higher energy in 2015. Projects such as the Compact Linear Collider and High Luminosity LHC are already working on next-generation technology for future accelerators and detectors.” [source]

The Large Hadron Collider will go into a long shutdown early next year to allow scientists and technicians to prepare it for higher collision energy in 2015.
It has been running at 7 TeV; scientists plan for it to reemerge at upward of 13 TeV. Beginning in February of 2013, highly coordinated teams will spend 20 months preparing its equipment for the change.
” [source]

Very curious indeed, because this is around the time that we could see the start of the “Global Coastal Event” time period (as discussed by Clif High), and it is also the start of huge planetary events, as found by the Farsight Institute in their remote viewing experiments. If a thunderstorm is coming your way, turn of your tv. Or there will be “other” experiments that will not be published.

Clif High on Time Monk Radio Network 12-21-2012

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Join us as we discuss: New Release, not a Shape report. “End of the Baktun” to be released on Dec 31st (or thereabouts, you know Clif so expect it early maybe?)
Temporal Markers, Economic Collapse, Currencies, Precious Metals, Mortgage foreclosures (new info that Clif hasn’t previously released), Breakaway Civilization, Global Coastal Event, Clif trying to alter events (personal to his world), Israeli Mistake, plenty more.

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