Open letter to Obama – Proposal to build a Reactor Based on Green Nuclear Energy

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[…]”I am in the process of searching for an energy firm or any respected scientific institute to test my reactor model. Sponsorship is important because I know that as a single person I cannot negotiate with, or compete against, corporations who may want to lay claim to this new source of energy. Naturally, there is also the issue of financing. Most well-equipped university physics labs already have the equipment necessary to build a small-scale energy device and validate my concept. A working model can be built and tested for a fraction of what is currently being “wasted” on research for thermonuclear reactions or at CERN in Switzerland. I can provide the scientific background and ample sources of research to support my model of the sun – there are many examples, in addition to Voyager’s findings, which can testify to the theory’s validity.”[…]

Jamal S. Shrair has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Canada’s Queen’s University and a M.Sc. in experimental and particle physics from the Eötvös Loránd University of Science in Budapest, Hungary.