Clif High with Jimmy – Aug 20 2013

“Clif was very kind to join me despite the fact he nearly got stung to death by a swarm of Hornets. That is why he probably doesn’t sound his usual self but fair play he battled on.

On the show we got into subjects concerning the ship that can be viewed around the constellation Cassiopeia by using the night vision goggles. We also discuss the chemtrail issue and we get into some very interesting reasons for the spraying. We get into the pollution events around the planet and the sink hole issue which continues around the globe.

We also discuss Dr Bhat heliocentric solar system orbit model and how it relates to the expanding earth theory and the future implications for us here on earth as we enter into this dense space out there in the galaxy.

We discuss sovereignty and the global awakening happening at the minute as more and more people join the truth movement. We get into the theory that the PTB are not prepared for the current global changes and the people that are waking up to the fact there may be a major war happening out there between advanced human/alians. We get into where all the resources are disappearing to and that they may not be on planet any more.

I hope the bells dont put you off they dont appear to have affected the conversation too much


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