Must see: Leuren Moret – The Truth About Radioactive Japan, Fukushima, HAARP

Leuren Moret speaking live, giving a special presentation on the imminent danger to the world population of HAARP and nuclear technology. This page posts all nine videos in the nine part series. Leuren’s presentation style is calm and intelligent, and she is armed with a mountain of facts and professional credibility that is above all reproach. This is a very significant presentation. The facts she presents are shocking, and must be made known to all.


Big Pharma Exposed over Swine Flu Hoax

Wolfgang Wodarg (EU Health Comity) exposing the Swine Flu Hoax – by lowering pandemic thresholds and intensive “fear campaigns” Big Pharma has managed to get billions from governments around the world.
But the again – profits were not the main reason for this campaign. If that were the case, vaccines would have been harmless. Instead they are filled with poisonous adjuvants and toxins (thimerosol, mercury, detergents and so on).

Seasonal flu deaths avarage 250,000 per year.
Swine flu deaths so far: 12,500.

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