NASA IBEX Provides First View of the Solar System’s Tail

NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, recently mapped the boundaries of the solar system’s tail, called the heliotail. By combining observations from the first three years of IBEX imagery, scientists have mapped out a tail that shows a combination of fast and slow moving particles. The entire structure twisted, because it experiences the pushing and pulling of magnetic fields outside the solar system.

Hey “Nick”!

I got this hilarious message today from “Nick”:

I assume “Nick” is talking about the helical solar system gif that is on imgur:

Helical orbits

This gif is a small part from one of my videos. I did not upload the gif by the way.

Now here’s the funny part: “Nick” rushed to this website to send me his angry message, obviously did not notice the huge logo on top of the page (that looks quite similar to the gif), scrolled down to find the contact form, passed another version of the same logo on the right side, and went ahead and typed his message.

Way to go “Nick”! I did create the video, the uploader on imgur had the decency to leave my url. Next time have a look around before you comment.