Threshold now available on Bandcamp

My new album ‘Threshold’ is now on Bandcamp! Check it out, it’s over an hour of instrumental music that is guaranteed to take your mind off things for a while.

A blend of genres turned honest feelings into sound waves. The sound track of a journey.

New video: Silence

One of my favorite beats now has its own video: Silence.
As in: no words needed.



Beat & video by DjSadhu –

The visualization is made with 3DsMax and Fume FX.

The 6m10 simulation took a good 4 days to complete.. even on relatively low settings the data was almost 4TB.

Rendering took another 3 days (Backburner mode…an i7, and 2xi5)

Special thanks to my brother 😉

New video: Bazsy Sun – “New Age” (prod DjSadhu)

A unique project, across borders and language barriers: a non-English speaking rapper and a non-Hungarian speaking Dj working together, special thanks to Tamas Tamás Somoskői for making this happen. The video was filmed on locations in Hungary. Tip: subtitles available!

Performed by Bazsy Sun
Story line, camera & editing: Tamas Tamás Somoskői
Additional camera: Ricsko Seres
Editing, coloring, music, cuts & production: DjSadhu

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