New video: Silence

One of my favorite beats now has its own video: Silence.
As in: no words needed.



Beat & video by DjSadhu –

The visualization is made with 3DsMax and Fume FX.

The 6m10 simulation took a good 4 days to complete.. even on relatively low settings the data was almost 4TB.

Rendering took another 3 days (Backburner mode…an i7, and 2xi5)

Special thanks to my brother ๐Ÿ˜‰

New video: Bazsy Sun – “New Age” (prod DjSadhu)

A unique project, across borders and language barriers: a non-English speaking rapper and a non-Hungarian speaking Dj working together, special thanks to Tamas Tamรกs Somoskล‘i for making this happen. The video was filmed on locations in Hungary. Tip: subtitles available!

Performed by Bazsy Sun
Story line, camera & editing: Tamas Tamรกs Somoskล‘i
Additional camera: Ricsko Seres
Editing, coloring, music, cuts & production: DjSadhu

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