SkyStudioPro version – updated with MovieCompiler

There is a new version of SkyStudioPro available for download:

I added a brand new VideoCompiler that you can use to make movies of image sequences. This means that you can now use SkyStudioPro for stop-motion movies as well!
The video settings in VideoCompiler are almost the same as in SkyStudioPro, so you’ll know how to use it right away.

New in this version:

– Upgraded VideoCompiler to version
– better GUI and useful hints in VideoCompiler
– preview function in VideoCompiler
– Intergration of VideoCompiler with SkyStudioPro
– better “file closing” when time-lapse movie is saved

SkyStudioPro is a freeware time lapse and motion detection application for the Windows® platform.
You can download it from