9/11 – the “no-planer” issue

There has been a lot of controversy about the footage of the impacts and explosions on 9/11. Major reason for this is the fact that a lot of footage that the media have released looks like is has been tampered with. I have seen numerous good documentaries that show clear evidence of fakery.

Now there are a number of problems with the 9/11 truth movement. There’s a lot of things we “just don’t know” and I doubt we ever will. There is confusion due to inconsistencies in footage and eyewitness-accounts. There is deliberate disinfo being spread by so called ‘cointel pro’, trying to splinter and disintegrate the movement. They’re doing a great job so far.

At a certain point in time the term “no-planer” surfaced, and it quickly became subject of ridicule and anger. Personally I don’t use the term; I eat bread – does that make me a “bread-eater”? It might, but is that like a species? This kind of narrow-band labeling does not help. If one speaks out his doubt about the highly questionable tv footage, he’s quickly labeled a “no-planer”, categorizing him in a little box where he can be ridiculed. “Truth” has nothing to do with this kind of behavior.

So, am I a “no-planer”? I don’t know, you tell me. I know that just posting a couple of clips that have “tv fakery” in the title will invoke a “no-plaaaaner!” sooner or later.
I was not in New York that day, just like 99,999% of the people investigating 9/11. If I see the footage of that day, and I clearly see montage, editing, backdrops, copy-pasted smoke, inserted sound samples from drum kits, synchronization blips, missing frames, fake studio sounds, the same scream in different shots from different stations, even the same door slamming shut in two scenes from two different stations, the same tower on the same angle but different background, miraculous focus on the chopper and the city simultaneously… then one thing becomes certain: we have not seen what actually happened on television.

You know what the problem is with calling anyone a “no-planer”? It not only rules out possibilities (like the scenario in which planes have been added to the footage), but it also discourages people to investigate every possible scenario, caused by fear of ridicule from the truth movement itself.
The Truth Seeker is used to being ridiculed from within “normal” society… but if Alex Jones starts screaming that you’re a “disinfo agent” – that’s a whole new experience! Fear of being called a “no-planer” can keep honest truth seekers from doing thorough research, and that looks like something straight from the cointel pro handbook.

I’m sorry, but researchers calling each other “disinfo agents” is really starting to make me sick. The alternative media have been INFECTED. And if you think it through, it’s mostly ego: “Look I’ve identified another disinfo agent! Damn, I’m good! This is so exiting!” and then rush off to the next researches that has a flaw in his theory.
Just because someone sees things differently, he is not necessarily evil or disinfo. We all have our set of “facts” (for what it’s worth), our backgrounds, hell even our minds are different (can you believe this?!). So there is no reason why we should ALL come to exactly the same conclusion in a complex matter like 9/11. The joke is on us: the whole thing was put up so poorly, that we can’t even believe it and start fighting and picking amongst each other.

Let’s all just agree on a couple of things here, and then you can call me whatever you want:
9/11 was an orchestrated, long planned, multi-layered inside job. It has been executed for political, economic, strategic or even occult reasons. By elements that are not limited to the US or its government (read: international banking cartels, Illuminati & New World Order Zionist Satanic Elites, how’s that for a start). The towers were (or were not) hit by either planes, missiles or nothing, were blown up by the use of either termite or a mini directional nuclear device. They vaporized for the good part, came crashing down and left a big hole where should have been a huge pile of debris. The debris was extremely hot, radio-active and was immediately shipped to China.
The whole thing was covered by the media in a way that looked like a Windows® Movie Maker project. An official “study” was done, resulting in more lies and confusion.

So while they got us focused on things like the “to-plane-or-not-to-plane” issue breaking up ranks, they’re preparing RFID sub dermal chips, forced vaccination campaigns with nano-tech, real-time car tracking, FEMA-camps and Codex Alimentarius. Oh, and around 100,000 children disappear every year in the US alone.

Get a grip. We don’t have time for this shit. It’s not about “winning” on details, it’s about what we do about our future.


WTC explosion anomalies

I came across a web page that explained some things in a way that may sound far-fetched to most, but it makes a lot of sense once you see some of the pictures shown.

“As seen in the following pictures, the cores of the towers were not distracted by thousands of powerful cutting charges but by a modern thermonuclear explosive, a small hydrogen bomb. In the picture below, a hydrogen bomb explosion, the bomb having been placed in the cellar and directed to the core, has reached the roof of the tower and the upper parts of the outer walls. On its way up the waves of fire pressure partially penetrated about 100 floors of concrete and steel. Over ten million degrees of heat caused by a hydrogen bomb sublimised all water within the concrete in a moment. Water exploded extremely quickly into 24-fold volume and totally pulverized the concrete. Even people and computers that were in the buildings disappeared turning into heat and light. That is why almost nothing of them was found in the ruins.

Burning radiation is absorbed in steel so quickly that steel heats up immediately over its melting point 1585 °C (approx. 2890 °F) and above its boiling point around 3000 C (approx. 5430 °F). In the pictures down below, super hot groups of steel pillars and columns, torn from wall by pressure wave, are sublimized. They immediately turn into a vaporized form, binding heat as quickly as possible. Bursts upwards, even visible in the picture below, are not possible for a gravitational collapse or for cutting charges which are used horizontally.”

Now be realistic: is this a normal collapse?

Abnormal blast radius WTC

Read the full article here:
View of a Military Expert: Why the Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed