MMS 2 is coming

Some of you might know of MMS – Miracle Mineral Supplement. A doctor named Jim Humble discovered years ago that if you mix sodium chlorite with citric acid, it reacts and becomes chlorine dioxide (ClO2). This “activated” ClO2 is called MMS. It’s an oxidizer that is capable of killing virtually any disease, pathogen, virus or bacteria.

Now at first I my bs alarm was triggered by the word “miracle”. Usually “miracles” end up on Tell Sell. But then I started to read about what it does, and the word seemed more just by the minute…

“You can appreciate its power from a statement by the discoverer of this remedy that all 75,000 individuals with malaria that have been treated were cured within a day, with 98% being cured within 4 hours”. Read the full story: MMS.

I have been using MMS for almost two years now. Up untill I started using it I was sick at least once a year, and I also had a light bronchitis in the winter. Since I regularly use MMS I have not been sick, no flu, no bronchitis. I sleep better, dream more vivid and feel better in the morning. My experience has been that it really does clean your body from unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and illnesses. I’m a programmer, not a doctor, so I don’t have the specifics and measurements. All I can say is that I feel WAY better and have not been ill using MMS.

I will not tell you to use MMS. I will only show you where to find information about it. You can find a complete story of MMS, what it does and instructions on how to get it (or make) it here. Also note that Jim Humble has never “sold” MMS, he just gave the knowledge away for free.

Download the PDF manual here

More impressive case stories here.


“OK, so what is MMS2? What chemical turns to hypochlorous acid in the body? Hold on to your hat. It’s a special type of swimming —– pool —– chlorine. Well, that’s what everybody calls it – swimming pool chlorine. BUT it is really not chlorine. It’s a special agent that is used to “shock” the pool, called CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE.
People are used to being told that you shock a pool with chlorine, but that’s not really the scientific facts. It’s easy to explain this way. The scientific facts are that no free chlorine is added to the pool. The pool is in fact shocked with hypochlorous acid. A pouch of 78% calcium hypochlorite (about one pound) costs less than $5 dollars in the US. You can buy it at any swimming pool supply store, but not just any pool chlorine. It has to be calcium hypochlorite.
That’s right, when it is put into pool water it instantly changes into hypochlorous acid. It’s not the same as chlorine in water. Not at all. Other chemicals change into chlorine, but not calcium hypochlorite. It changes into HOCl (that’s the chemical formula for hypochlorous acid). It is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. Like table salt it also has chlorine in it, but it reacts far differently than chlorine. MMS1 and MMS2 are made from two of the cheapest mineral substances that we have. MMS1 will cure malaria, the worst disease of mankind, in about 10 hours and for less than 5 cents. MMS2 is similar in cost if not cheaper.”
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About Jim Humble

Jim Humble

“Jim Humble discovered a simple health drink cure for malaria in South America during a prospecting venture. When he returned from the prospecting trip he worked on the health drink formula for several years sending it to friends in Africa who were able to use it in the field. Eventually a missionary group invited him to Africa where he personally treated over 2000 malaria victims and those he trained while there treated over 75,000 malaria cases.
The formula was a simple health drink that had already been used for years for other reasons. Jim drastically improved the effectiveness by adding a few drops of vinegar to the drink. Since that time thousands of cases of many different diseases have been treated with complete success.
Jim brought the treatment to the world. His book not only gives complete details of his work, but it also has a chapter, written by Dr. Hesselink, listing over 160 scientific papers describing more than 100,000 scientific tests using essentially the same formula that Jim used and still uses. These tests verify all of Jim’s basic concepts covering mostly data concerning malaria.”
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