Solar System 2.0 – the helical model

Solar System 2.0 – the helical model. A trip through the Galaxy, showing relative movement, the angle between our Solar System and the Milky Way.

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The Helical Model – Voyager not out of the Vortex yet!

Voyager is not leaving our Vortex Solar System just yet it, seems.
If the Vortex Model is correct, it would take a tremendous amount of energy just to get out of it – Voyager does not have that.
So we’re all following Voyager’s progress, and it seems it takes “longer than expected” to reach interstellar space:

The Helical model – planets move in a vortex, not a circle

The old Newtonion/Copernican Heliocentric model of our solar system is an unproven theory. In fact it is a false one.

Since our solar system travels through space, the planets do NOT revolve around the Sun in a circular fashion.
They are “dragged” behind the Sun in a spiral: vortex motion. In fact, after 365 days the Earth does NOT return to the starting point of its orbit.

This has GREAT consequences for the physics involved, because rotational motion and vortex motion are two completely different things!

Another thing: Einstein postulated that mass “bends” space-time.
In fact it does, but not in a straight “curve”! Mass “curls” space-time, so “a bend with a twist”:

Mass bending spacetime:

Mass bending spacetime

Mass curling spacetime:

Mass curling spacetime

This “curled space” is the template for the vortex-like motion of the planets in our solar system!

In Nature, everything spirals. Life itself is vortex motion:

Now watch this model explained for our solar system: